sepia-tone image of Brigid, the triple goddess with the faces of the maiden, mother, and croneThe goddess Brigid inspired BLESSED ARE THESE HANDS, and by a poem written by Diann Neu (published in Earth Prayers/Earth Songs, Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Emidon, ed., HarperCollins, 1991, pg. 205).


More than 100 women graciously let us photograph their hands. Learn more about them.

books.... a few standouts

ucla and w@w

Susan thanks UCLA's Center for the Study of Women, particularly Regina Lark and Chris Littleton, for support of this project from 2004 to 2007.

Susan and Marvelle gratefully acknowledge the helping hand of Dr. Elena DeVos at Words @ Work.

thanks to Jewel Kilcher for hands

Jewel sings "Hands" live ~ Click forward arrow to watch

This official 1998 video, directed by Nick Brandt, begins with Jewel driving along on a rainy night when she comes across emergency workers responding to a collapsed apartment building. She gets out of her car and stands with the crowd looking at the rubble and notices other onlookers walking away in horror and hopelessness. She follows others into the rubble and helps dig through the rubble for survivors, finding a man, alive, under the rubble and later three young children trapped inside a room. Throughout the whole video, she remains calm and collected, full of hope, as chaos ensues around her.
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fulfills a vow to honor women in a creative way - with portraits holding something that represents their deepest values.

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Blessed Are These Hands
by Susan Kullmann &
Marvelle Thompson
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